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We accept no liability in the event of accidents leading to physical injury, disablement or death. We accept no liability in the event of loss or damage to any property brought onto the premises irrespective of whether such loss or damage arise from fire, theft or any other cause, or as a result of negligence (gross or otherwise) or a wrongful act committed by any person. Guests are liable for any damages that they cause to the rooms and any property that belongs to Phoenix Paradise B&B.

Accommodation will be allocated on first come first serve basis at the time of receipt of the deposit. Only written request will be considered. Verbal advice of availability is not a guarantee for booking.

A 50% of the total cost of stay shall constitute a deposit.
Upon receipt of the above mentioned deposit and a completed booking form we will confirm your booking. Such confirmation will be by return of mail or fax. Please ensure that the deposit slips are legible and contain your name. All payments must refer to the name under which the booking has been made. The balance of the accommodation fee is payable when the guest check in. All payments should be done in cash or bank deposit.

Booking fee deposit is non-refundable.
100% cancellation fee if reservation is cancelled less than 2 weeks of reserved date
Additional charges will be levied for any direct costs incurred by us in the event of a late cancellation or the reduction length of your stay.
Refunds and reductions in price are not permitted for late arrivals or early departures

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